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Posted on August 10, 2012 at 10:40 AM

a break in the weather!  The jet stream has dipped south and we have had a couple days of rain and much cooler temperatures:  the cooler temps should stick around a few days.  It's lovely to be able to have the windows open!

Spoke with Greg briefly and he has PJ entered in 7 shows now - 3 next weekend and 4 the following.  He posted some wonderful new pics of her litter brother Ch. Louis on Facebook, and I am hoping he can make PJ look half as terriffic.

Two weeks from her due date and Kelly is ENORMOUS.  I was going to forego the "spine-counting" X-ray but am starting to re-consider.  Calling the vet in a while to see what he thinks.

That's all for now...today is bath day for the show dogs so I'm going to be busy!

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