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Resting Comfortably

Posted on August 24, 2012 at 10:45 PM

Everyone passed the post-natal checkup with flying colors.  My vet is in love with Kelly and is amazed at the ease with which she popped-out 6 puppies in 75 minutes and bounced right back to being my "leaping lizard".

Looks like our solid girl is actually "something" with tan points.  Sara and Jan will be here Sunday after the shows to have a look at them:  since they have much more experience than I do with "color" we may have some idea what's going on here then.

Bebes are looking fat and happy and we aren't hearing many puppy squeaks because when they're not eating they're sleeping...just as they should be.  At one point this evening Kelly had them lined up sleeping like sardines in a can and was just sitting next to them looking very, very proud of herself...as SHE should be!

Rich is in thrall to the babies (as usual) and keeps muttering "...puppy breath..." when he thinks I can't hear.

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