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WOW! What a weekend!

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 10:45 AM

A long weekend, really!  We started off welcoming Corbin and Kelly's babies on the 23rd.  Later that day I got a call from Greg Larson letting me know PJ had won her first point.

On Saturday we picked up our White Bellied Caique, Pitu'.  He is getting used to us and is a very entertaining little clown of a bird.

Yesterday Jan and Sara came to see the babies (looks like we have 3 solid red/golds and 3 partis).  We had a leisurely brunch and then groomed NaNa up for the show at the house.  We arrived ringside at exactly the right time so didn't have to wait long before Shih Tzu were up.

Due to some "funny business" the previous day by another exhibitor I had asked Sara to show NaNa:  we were a bit worried because although she has always shown beautifully for me she and Sara have always had a bit of an adversarial relationship.  However, at ringside NaNa suddenly seemed to "get" that I wanted her to do her thing with Sara and did she ever!  She was simply gorgeous and never put a paw wrong so in the end was WB and BOS.  The judge "did the right thing" by putting the sole class dog up to BOW and BOB so he would also earn points.

Immediately after the show Sara and Jan set out for home with NaNa in tow:  Sara will be showing her to her title since I am just getting out-handled by all the pros and Sara IS a pro so she will get the job done much faster than I could.

The new puppies are thriving - fat and glossy - and mama Kelly is very, very proud of them and herself.  She's SUCH a wonderful mom!

So, an exciting weekend here at TianZi!  That's all for now!

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