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Welcome September!

Posted on September 6, 2012 at 3:30 PM

I am always glad when September rolls around!  I know that even if it's still hot outside, temperatures will begin to glide down a bit soon and hopefully I will be able to turn the A/C off and just enjoy.  I don't do well in heat (I think I've made that quite clear in the past, lol!) and I always look forward to the first hard frost:  you know...when the fleas and the allergens die for a few months!

The Six-Pack are thriving.  They are so fat and glossy and getting so big.  :)  Eyes and ears are open now and although it will be another week before they really start interacting with us, they have no objection to being picked-up and cuddled numerous times daily.  I am thinking that when they move out of the nursery and into the kitchen (around 6 weeks), they will probably need the space of the 4X4 whelping pen.  That means the kitchen table will be getting moved WAY over...or maybe removed from the room.  Anything for our puppies!

Mona and Lestat are absolute teenage punks right now, growing lots of hair and preparing for their show careers in earnerst.  Lestat in particular is flexing his raging hormones.  The two are allowed one play-period a day with the adult dogs, and Lestat keeps picking fights with his dad Drake...and getting his clock cleaned.  He also occasionally tries with Corbin and  Jack.  Corbin just beats the crap out of him and then walks away.  Jack puts up with it for a little while, then basically picks him up, puts him on his back on the floor, and wipes the floor with him.  Mona (being a bitch) is a little sneakier and just concentrates on getting the girls all riled-up:  then when someone gives her a much-deserved lesson in manners, she screams as if all her legs are being torn-off and throws herself at me.  Obviously, I don't let anyone actually get hurt but I DO allow the lesson before separating them.

Pitu is entertaining us as well.  He is a bit of a brat (heck, he's just a baby), but - as with dogs and children - I don't put up with that so he is learning quickly what is and what is NOT allowed.  Given his way, he would be out of his cage 24/7 causing havoc.  However, I take him out frequently and we "tour" the house together.  He is allowed to inspect everything as much as he wishes without causing damage and his favorite activity at the moment is "hiding" under my hair when I let him on my shoulder.  I suppose this will soon lead to the Caique habit of "hair surfing", which should be a lot of fun.  He is really a sweet bird with a great personality and once Rich gets over being afraid of his beak I think the two will be best friends.

We had a wonderful Labor Day cookout.  My son Drew was in charge of smoking the brisket.  I was in charge of the baked beans and garden pasta salad.  The In-Laws (our dear Tomlinsons) brought cheese and crackers for nibbles, lots of beer, bottled water and soft drinks, and yummy desserts.  BIL Bob and niece Colleen arrived with wine and applesauce (the applesauce is for a FUTURE dinner of roast pork and root veggies) and their good company to complete the day.  Next family get-together?  We're thinking Samhain (Halloween) for Spook-ghetti and eyeballs!

Later, ya'll!

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