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Seven Psychopaths

Posted on September 21, 2012 at 1:55 PM

This movie will hit the theatres in October.  I love the cast and the Shih Tzu is adorable, but I fear what it will mean for Shih Tzu in the US.  Much like the "101 Dalmations" Disney movie sent people screaming for Dalmations in 1997, this one will likely send people screaming for Shih Tzu next year, as they did again for Brussels Griffons after "As Good As It' Gets" in 1997.

In both cases, thousands of "purebred" Dals and Griffs ended up in shelters and rescues when the new owners realized that they had bought more than they thought they had from all those puppy millers, pet stores, and backyard breeders.  Deaf Dals, Dals with terrible temperament issues, sickly Griffs.  Has anyone noticed that neither Breed is in high demand these days?  Of course not.  Dalmations and Brussels Griffons are both wonderful dogs, when bred and reared properly. 

I expect that the puppy mills and backyard breeders are preparing to breed more puppies than ever before to meet the demand for Shih Tzu that "Seven Psychopaths" will bring.  We will NOT breed puppies to meet this demand, and our requirements for homes for our beloved puppies will become more stringent.

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