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Happy October!

Posted on October 10, 2012 at 12:40 AM

We've had a lot happening here in the last couple of weeks!

At the Freeport shows on 9/29 - 9/30, PJ was BOW on Saturday for a 4-point major (her third),  Lestat won his 9-12 puppy class with good competition, Mona won her 9-12 puppy class (the only one but was she CUTE!).  On Sunday NaNa was BOW for her first (3 point) major.

This past weekend at Yorkvile KC, NaNa was WB on Saturday for 1 point and BOW on Sunday for 2 points.  This brings her total to 8 with a major.  On Saturday, Greg's Ch. Bruno (he is pursuing his Grand with Sarah) was BOB/G3 for a 5 point major towards his Grand and Sarah's Ch. Elliott was Select for 2 points towards his Grand.  On Sunday, the boys reversed their placements.  Although the show site was miserable and I am limping around on a bruised heel, one can't really bitch too much when all the dogs we took won every day!

We also got the happy news from Greg on Saturday that PJ finished her Championship!  When you tell Greg to "git er done", he sure does the job in short order, lol.

Sarah stayed with us for the weekend and it was wonderful spending the time with her.  She evaluated our puppies and Jess (now Adele - TianZi's Rolling In The Deep) will be staying here with us.

I had a lovely experience on Sunday that has left me with a very warm, fuzzy feeling.  Back in 1990, Jere Marder (Lambluv Old English Sheepdogs) showed her bitch Ch. Lamluv Moptop Showstopper to a G1 at the Garden.  I wasn't there that year, but just watching on TV something about "Showy" really caught my eye:  to this day I tend to compare every OES I see in the ring to her.  Every time I've seen Jere across the building at a show or in an ad, I always think of that particular night.

On Sunday, she stopped by our setup to speak with another friend and - being me - I just blurted out, "You're Jere Marder, aren't you?"  When she said yes, I went into my song-and-dance about Showy (hoping all the while she wouldn't think I was just a nutjob).  She was actually delighted I remembered that evening, and we spoke a couple more times that day.  What a lovely lady (and I DO mean lady - the very definition of one).

Once again, I was glad I opened my mouth.  Perhaps it is fortunate I'm not editing as much as I get older lol.  I may yet acheive my ultimate goal of being old enough that I can say whatever I'm thinking and everyone will say to whomever I've just insulted "Shhhhhhhhhh...she's old.  Don't mind her.  She doesn't know what she's saying."


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