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Fall is here!

Posted on October 20, 2012 at 6:10 PM

After a couple of dreary, rainy, cold days we are having beautiful fall weather for the weekend!  After all the hustle and bustle (and strained tendons and head colds) of the last few weeks, this weekend finds us with a bit of down time.  Not too much, of course...around here, if we don't have too much to do we become confused.  ;)

The AKC has confirmed that PJ is now Ch. Ista's Glitter In the Air, and that NaNa has a total of 10 points with a major.  That means only 5 including a major for NaNa to finish!  Sarah hopes to have her done by the end of the year, and we have our fingers crossed.  If NaNa can finish this year that will mean we have 4 TianZi Champions in the last two years.  As well, our first bred-by puppies are looking promising and I look forward to fun in the ring with them in the coming months.

Along with the seasonal Halloween stores popping up, I am beginning to see Christmas decorations in some of the stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.).  We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey last week (an organic, free-range bird raised locally).  I can't believe the winter holidays are closing in so quickly!  I started buying holiday gifts this week because if I wait for the DH to help we'll do it all 12/23 and be broke until 2013 (ask me how I know).

Today we decided to go on a "date" and went to see Seven Psychopaths.  What a winner!  Of course, the fact that the movie revolves (in one plot line) a purloined Shih Tzu, several members of the outstanding cast are big favorites of ours so we were looking forward to it.  You just know that when Christopher Walken is the most "normal" character in a cast, you are in for something special, lol.  We really enjoyed the movie.  Rich was hoping to see a trailer for "The Hobbit", but no such luck.  We did, however, reserve our IMAX 3D tickets for the day after that one opens.  Can't wait!

Good news from Tammarie and Greg Larson this week!  Tammarie's scans all looked great, so it appears her chemo is working really well.  I know that some of the side effects are hard for her to tolerate, but all-in-all she is still fighting her battle with the grace that we have all become accustomed to and we are so happy for the family.  More prayers going out to the Larsons!

Till next time, y'all!

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