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What a nice day!

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Although breezy, our Chicagoland winter seems to be on the ebb...we have had nice temperatures the last few days and the dogs have really enjoyed spending more time outside...especially the puppies!  I do wish our town would allow us to fence the yard so they could have more room to run and play, but we make do as we can.  Puppy pens linked together close to the house are a Godsend in an area where there are a LOT of hawks around!

I had the opportunity to talk for a while yesterday with an old Shih Tzu friend:  we have not really worked together but we have much the same opinion on Breeding/exhibiting.  She has been in the breed for a quarter-century and always has some great pearls of wisdom to impart.  As well, we have the same slightly-twisted sense of humor and always make each-other laugh.

We are really happy with the Ch. Reese/Mona puppies we have retained and look forward to placing their brothers in wonderful fur-ever homes.  We are also excited about a friend's breeding with our Ch. Drake - hopefully one of the litter will fulfill her (and OUR) dreams.

Our tulips and joquils (daffs) are near to blooming, the tall bearded iris are throwing up new growth, and all the minor bulbs (except for the grape hyacinths) are up and blooming their little hearts out.  Our minor bulbs have been seeding themselves around the lawn for a number of years and we love looking out on the new grass with the little lovelies poking up above winter's debris.

Spring has sprung!

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