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And suddenly...it's fall!

Posted on November 10, 2014 at 1:15 PM

Well, it's been 7 busy months since my last blog post, and a lot has happened!

Eve (TianZi's SS Sex and Candy) and Decker (TianZi's SS Caviar Dreams) from our Christmas Eve 2013 litter have matured beautifully and Eve started her show career in October.  She has done 3 shows and won her class each time, but since I have been working nights since April we have not been to training class.  It shows since she hasn't quite got the "gaiting nicely on lead" part of things down, especially in Winners:  she can't decide whether she wants to play with the dog in front of her or the one in back of her, so it's one of those "...looks like a rodeo met a circus" (Thanks to Jan Bebee for the expression) things.  Luckily, I'm back on days now so should be able to get both pups to training class weekly.  Eve will be shown one weekend in December and then we will seriously be chasing those Championship points in 2015.  Decker will follow her, unless I can get the DH to go to training class too.  If so, perhaps he can start before she is fininshed!

Following our usual process, we bred Mona again on her next season (to our Ch. SarJan's As If, "Corbin") and got a singleton girl on September 4.  She was tiny at birth - only 4.6 ounces - and I was worried but she has thrived and at 9 weeks is simply amazing.  Since she had a tiny brown spot on her white shawl and a tiny white spot on her brown saddle at birth, I called her...wait for it...DOT!  Her registed name is TianZi's Connecting The Dots and I have high hopes for her.  Looks like Mona (a Ch. Drake daughter) is well on her way to being a Top Producer!

A friend used Ch. Corbin with one of her girls last fall and Ch. Drake on another girl a few months later.  The boy she kept from Corbin finished in less than a month and both boys from Ch. Drake also finished in less than a month.  One was Breeder/Owner handled in exactly 4 shows for 4 4-point majors, collecting a Best Toy Puppy and a Best Owner-Handler Toy Puppy along the way.  I am SO proud of my boys!

We also brought home a gorgeous black Miniature Poodle show prospect this fall and look forward to getting him in the ring next year.  I just let him run and play for a day, then finally stacked him on the table and thought, "DAMN!  She sure knows what I like in a Poodle!"

Getting off the subject of dogs, our White-bellied Caique (Pitu) continues to do well and makes us laugh every day.  He is a very loving little bird and can say a few words (it is not a breed that is known for talking).  Right now, we're working on "I love you!".

I cooked 100 pounds of tomatoes down to sauce again this year, as well as blanching dozens of ears of sweet corn and taking the kernels off the cob to freeze.  I also roasted several dozen red bell peppers, skinned and seeded them, and froze them.  I have always loved cooking and like to preserve food in summer to use in winter.

Happy Fall to All!

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