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Posted on September 23, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Apparently, it's either early Alzheimers or I just really, REALLY need a vacay.  I was talking to a lovely lady this afternoon who we have approved to purchase one of our pupies and we got into a discussion about their 4-week birthday.  I swore it was last Thursday and she seemed a smidge confused.  Thinking about it later, I realized I was counting CALENDAR weeks and she is counting by the date from one month to the next.  LOL!  I do hope she hasn't decided I'm completely nuts.

PJ won another point yesterday at Sheboygan, bringing her total (I believe) to 9 with both majors out of the way.  Haven't heard anything about today's show.  Next weekend is the Battle of the Girls of TianZi, as PJ and NaNa (half-sisters) will meet in the ring for the first time.  BIG majors, and although I of course hope my girls will do the winning I am also rooting for a friend's bitch who just needs a major to finish.

I will also be showing Mona and Lestat:  like thier Daddy Drake they are starting their coat-blow at 10 months with daily HUGE mats behind each ear.  Hopefully I can keep enough hair on them in that area that they won't embarrass me completely. 

We did 4-week individual portraits of the bebes yesterday and they are posted in the Nursery.  They are SO much fun to watch right now as they start to play with one another, Mama and even me.  The milk teeth are starting to come in and they enjoy gnawing on my fingers when I hold and love on them.

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